Some Facts about Erectile Dysfunction…

Fact #1: Did you know a type of erectile dysfunction was caused due to underlying psychological problems?

More known as psychological impotence, the causes of this type of erectile dysfunction have not been characterized yet. Even though it is less frequent it is treated, most of the time, with placebos.

Fact #2: ED is common among mens.

Indeed, about 40% of mens suffer from erectile dysfunction problems.

Fact #3: One of the most common cause of ED is drugs.

Most professionals agree that nicotine and anti-depressing drugs are the most common types of drugs that causes erectile dysfunction.

Fact #4: Everyone can develop ED.

It is true that age is a huge factor of this problem (it’s four times more common in men in their 60′s then in their 40′s) but everyone can develop impotence.

Take a look at this video to improve your understanding of this problem…

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